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Do you love writing, communication, journalism, digital media or marketing? Think that you may have an interesting perspective to offer? Join The IdeaMix Contributors program! Contributors have their pieces featured on The IdeaMix in written or audio format and have the opportunity to:

- Impact: help make an impact on our community and spread the message that we can all live what we love & love what we live

- Learn new skills: enhance your communication, digital marketing & social media skills

- Build on your experience & bio: Feel challenged and invigorated, with a fresh perspective

- Network & community: connect with other contributors, our team and our users

- Exposure & visibility: we assign credit to all contributors of our pieces

If you would like to become a contributor with The IdeaMix, please submit the form below. We will review your submission within 1 month. If we believe that your piece fits our content directives, we will send you an email and you will receive a prompt from Wix to create an account and write your piece on the Wix blog directly. We may edit your work subject to our reasonable discretion before publishing or recording.

What we look for:
- Pieces that are short, punchy, real and original always reflecting our 3 pillars: engaging, relatable and actionable, under our main categories

- Get Inspired: inspiration pieces related to personal growth & development, betterment, self-reflection and self-improvement

- Explore stories: takeaways with the inspiration, steps, and key lessons of interesting founding stories, or the life journeys of people who made a real impact (in line with pieces published on our site)
- Make it happen: pieces on guides, review, tools, trends, ideas, insights, resources related to career, business, innovation
- A Day in the Life As, personal perspectives, experience & recommendations that are valuable to our users 

We strongly encourage you to review our pieces across categories in detail. Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a contributor with The IdeaMix!


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