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Coaching helped me unlock my own success

What determines success from failure? How does coaching unlock success for each individual? How do individuals and companies find the right coaches to serve the needs of individuals, teams and organizations? How should we determine positive ROI on a coaching engagement?

These are the fundamental questions we asked ourselves as we started ideamix in 2019. 

From the beginning, we focused on how to best serve both our key stakeholders – our customers and our coaches. We vet and work only with credentialed, experienced coaches so we know our customers have incredible coaching experiences. We match our customers with their best fit coaches, give them an opportunity to understand them at a human level, and connect with them to find their ideal coach.     

Coaches love working with us because they’re part of our mission to help every individual unlock themselves with coaching.

Since the launch of our platform, we’ve connected individuals and companies with the right coaches. Individuals map and achieve their personal, professional and business goals with our coaches. Our corporate clients enhance individual, team and organizational performance through their work with our coaches.  

Female founded, with a focus on coaching & community.

The ideamix founders are women with a strong core belief in the power of the individual, the transformational impact of coaching, the importance of a learning mindset, and the multiple, diverse, and deeply individual definitions of purpose and success. As a company, the culture of ideamix is focused on our core mission of building understanding, collaboration, and community to enable every individual to use coaching to define their own purpose and unlock their own success.

You Really Decide
to Improve Yourself

Hi, I'm Sam Jayanti:

In my 30s, a number of different pressures converged upon me – a lack work life balance, the challenge of growing a business and managing a team, taking on too many responsibilities, and the need to create boundaries with family. I had no idea how to learn these skills on my own. At my partner’s suggestion, I began a 6 month journey of working with a coach. It transformed me and the way I’ve lived my life ever since. 

We started ideamix to connect individuals and businesses with the performance advisors, experts, coaches and mentors they need, to live their best work and personal lives. We also wanted to work hard, have fun, learn continuously, and build an amazing team.

I’m a career changer, entrepreneur and lifelong learner. I love sharing stories, connecting people and challenging myself. I’m a huge believer in the idea that you can do anything you really want to if you can unlock yourself. 

Growing up in several different countries, I learned early on that family, education, curiosity, knowledge and collaboration are the most essential assets. I was also taught that to whom much is given, from them, much is expected.

When I encountered loss and grief as a child, it taught me to cultivate gratitude and to understand the work it takes to become strong while remaining supple, and evolving beyond both my achievements and disappointments. 

I played tennis competitively in high school, attended Harvard University and Harvard Business School, worked in finance at JP Morgan, private equity at Corsair, consulting at G3, and tech at Palantir. I married the man I fell in love with: he’s still my best friend and we have three beautiful children.

In short, I have lived different versions of doing ‘anything’ I wanted. But ‘anything’ is often overwhelming. Developing self-awareness and humility to recognize where we are and what we want is the key to living a life that truly fulfils us.

With ideamix, I’ve been able to combine my love of learning with the joy of building, and helping bring people and communities together. In hindsight, the clues were always there: I loved interacting with people, understanding what drives them and connecting them to their potential. 

As a problem solver, I also enjoy creating order out of chaos, creating structures and sharing my insights and solutions.

As a leader, I love building teams and watching the magic that happens when individuals connect for mutually rewarding interactions.  

Fun facts about me

  • I truly value…family, work ethic, persistence, constant evolution, people.
  • A happy place…anywhere I am together with my family and my two mini dachshunds.
  • The thing I bought with my first money…dinner for friends.
  • My wellness philosophy…Balance! Food – a bit of everything in moderation. Different types of exercise which must include tennis. Time with family and time to myself. Sleep!
  • I cannot go a day without…reading. Green juice. Tea. A substantive conversation.
  • My favourite drink….‘The Sam’: tequila with lots of lime juice and sparkling water, on the rocks with salt.
  • I need to improve….over-committing to things (still a work in process), the number of times stress gets to me. 
  • My superpowers…resilience, loyalty, problem solving, learning mindset, adaptability, friendship, need for adventure.

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