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Coaching is the best tool to enhance performance and wellness. On the ideamix podcast, Jamie Kosmar and Sam Jayanti chat with scientists, coaches, professors, and experts to bring you the most important research and insights to enhance your performance and wellnessListen here or subscribe.

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Assuring Fit in a New Role with Coach Callan

When we start a new role – either at the same organization in a different team or in a different team altogether, we’ve typically done a...

Building Trust and a Learning Environment in Corporate Culture with Professor Frances Frei

Episode Summary: In this enlightening episode of the ideamix podcast, host Sam Jayanti sits down with Professor Frances Frei, a distinguished...

Unlocking Success: How Talent Assessment and Executive Coaching Transform Management Teams with Samhita & Jaimie

“Enhancing Management Teams and Company Performance through Talent Assessment and Executive Coaching Episode Summary: In this episode, we delve...

Featured episodes

Inside DISC: Navigating Personal Styles with Coach Maura

In this enlightening episode, Coach Maura dives into the world of the DISC assessment—a tool decoding individual traits and preferences With 15...

Habits Required of Leaders with Modupe Akinola

Modupe Akinola explores healthy habits to implement into your life to reach your greatest potential From channeling creativity from negativity to...

How Leaders Enable Team Learning with Amy Edmondson

Amy Edmondson is a Harvard Business School professor who finds deep interest in how leaders initiate collaborative learning in a work environment She...

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