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The paths to success are many and they are not linear. On ideamix radio, Sam Jayanti chats with coaches, founders, entrepreneurs, career changers, and experts to tell you their real storiesListen here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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International Journalism, Leadership, and Relationships with Elise Hu

Elise Hu is a broadcast journalist, host of the TED Talks daily podcast, and is also host-at-large for NPR In her twelve years at NPR, Elise has...

Positive Psychology Coaching with Coach Rachel

With a diverse background ranging from coaching scuba diving to soccer, Coach Rachel joins us today to discuss positive psychology coaching She...

Assembling, Building, and Constructing with Debra Rapoport

Debra Rapoport is and always has been an artist; she creates wearable art pieces from non-traditional materials Aside from her art, Debra speaks on a...

Life Transition Coaching with Coach David

Life Transition Coaching with Coach David

Coach David is a coach of nine years with experience in corporate marketing, entrepreneurship, and humanitarian work Coach David now works with 35 to...

Self-Talk Shifting with Katie Horwitch

Katie Horwitch is an author, speaker, self-talk shifter, and the founder of WANT: Women Against Negative Talk In 2007, at 21, Katie came up with the...

The Difference Between Coaching and Therapy with Coach Christi

Coaching and therapy are not the same Coaching is a forward-looking approach; it is not only the recognition of our circumstances and how they affect...

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